Scientific and technological research

The nature of innovative start-up, as well as the conviction of the partners that their entrepreneurial mission should be supported by research, has meant that BIORISI is already moving in this area: to support the improvement of its product, the technology in use and the search for new products related to spirulina both in the food sector and in the pharmaceutical-nutritional sector.

In particular, in terms of Research, the following activities have already been launched:

  1. With the University of Calabria (Laboratory of Plant Biology and Proteomics (Lab.Bio.Pro.Ve. ), Department of Chemistry and Chemical Technologies, University of Calabria, 87036 Rende (CS), Italy, Associate Professor in Plant Biology Silvia MAZZUCA), an agreement was signed in April 2019 for the following research: Variation of the protein component of cyanobacteria and algae in relation to culture conditions and life cycle, on the expression and quality of secondary metabolites and photosynthetic efficiency; During the research, a study was produced whose results will be presented on September 30 in the international conference in Lamezia entitled "Advanced innovative production systems of Spirulina maxima a case of Big Bang Disruption Innovation" with a report by Prof. ssa Mazzuza entitled: "Extraction of phycocyanin from Spirulina maxima, new frontier of bio-pharmacological contrast to cancer".
  2. BIORISI supports the research of Prof Oncologist Giacomo Antonio RIZZO (University of Messina) entitled "Spirulina for cancer prevention" whose first results will be presented in the above mentioned international congress in Lamezia Terme;
  3. BIORISI is engaged in the research that belongs to the international group of OIL FOX S.A. for the "improvement of the technological production cycle of spirulina maxima"; in this research we are dealing in particular with the sub-project "VDV (Ventre di Vacca) - Microcogeneration from anaerobic digestion for the integrated production of renewable thermal and electrical energy, CO2 and fertilizers with high NPK content"; This is also in collaboration with other companies with which we are currently involved in the sub-project of "new harvesting technologies for filtering spirulina maxima cultivated in high reproducibility and density cultivation beds" of which a prototype has already been produced and is in the process of being patented and in the project (in the start-up phase) on the realization of an electromechanical machine for the extraction of phycocyanin from spirulina maxima;
  4. BIORISI adheres to the European and International Research Network COST (EUROPEAN COOPERATION in SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY) on a specific international research project that is supported by 216 research subjects (Universities and Research Centers) from 43 countries and is the only Italian company selected;
  5. BIORISI is partner of the European ERASMUS Project "3tforUNI", the only entrepreneurial subject of a partnership composed by: KONYA GIDA VE TARIM UNIVERSITESI (E10019931, TR) Turkey, EGE UNIVERSITY (E10208771, TR) Turkey, SLOVENSKA POLNOHOSPODARSKA UNIVERZITA V NITRE (E10208910, SK) Slovakia , ASOCIACION DE EMPRESARIOS DEL COMERCIO E INDUSTRIA DEL METAL DE MADRID (E10250209, ES) Spain and IDRYMA TECHNOLOGIAS KAI EREVNAS (E10209517, GR) Greece. The project is entitled: "Strengthening Technology Transfer Infrastructures for Thematic Universities and Innovation Infrastructures".

BIORISI is in the process of registering a patent forthe innovative extraction of spirulina from the cultivation bed.

BIORISI is building on i4.0 funds from the Chamber of Commerce a cloud-based control system for digitized spirulina cultivation.